Certificate Of Professional Competence

What is SRC?

It is the document which is obliged to be taken by all drivers who will operate or show within the scope of Road Transport Law No. 4925 and Road Transport Regulation. This means briefly: It is obligatory to take the drivers who carry cargo or passengers on their behalf with the drivers who carry the cargo or passengers with their own vehicle. You are obliged to submit an SRC Certificate if you are using a commercial vehicle or registered on behalf of the company on the basis of which you carry cargo or passengers.

SRC Type Vocational Qualification Certificate is divided into the following types;
· SRC1: International passenger transport,
· SRC2: Domestic passenger transport,
· SRC3: International goods-cargo transportation,
· SRC4: Domestic goods-cargo transportation,
· SRC5: Transport of dangerous goods

SRC certificate applications are made in 2 ways;
· Drivers whose license dates were taken before 25.02.2003. (without examination)
· Drivers whose license dates have been received after 25.02.2003(with examination)

· SRC1 and SRC 2 are required to be between 26 and 63 years of age.
· SRC3 and SRC 4 are required to be between 19 and 63 years of age.

NOTE: A 24-year-old driver can take the SRC1 and SRC 2 test, but cannot undergo a traffic inspection. For passenger transport must wait to receive the age of 26. SRC 1 is received by the SRC 2 and SRC 3 is received from the SRC 4.

All kinds of trucks, vans, trucks, semi-trailers, tankers, or carriers that carry light loads are the documents which should be taken by the drivers who use the minivan vehicles, the bus, minibus, automobile and school vehicle drivers used in the passenger transportation. Persons who will make transportation as a profession and use the written tools above in the scope of the Road Transport Regulation must obtain SRC type professional qualification certificate.
The Ministry of Transport conducts exams every 3 months and only one type of SRC certificate can be taken in one exam.

Drivers who wish to apply for the SRC document must attend SRC training for 4 (four) days. After completing the training, the drivers attending the SRC training are given a certificate of completion by our course. With this document, the examination to be made by the Ministry of Transport is entered. The SRC documents of the trainees who are successful in the exam are posted by the Ministry to the addresses of the persons. The SRC exam has 60 points over 100 points.

· Copy of Identity Card (TC ID number must be available)
· Study Certificate
· Photocopy of driving license
· Biometric photo (2 pieces)