Is Private Lesson Really Important?

Private lessons are the process of understanding the level of the person's driving, identifying and improving the points that should be developed and bringing them to the basic level.

If the support you get is professional (if the instructor is aware of what he / she is doing), he / she will be able to overcome the fears in this process, correct the mistakes that have been learned and remove the feeling that they cannot.

· After the drivers who want to take private lessons are checked in a closed area in a pedestrianized area, the points that need to be developed are determined and improvement works are started.
· After the improvement is completed, reinforcement works are continued.
· The following subjects are taught in private courses in accordance with the person's development.

1. Ability to Use Brake, Gas and Clutch Pedals,
2. Ability to Use Mirrors,
3. The ability to detect traffic in front of, behind and next,
4. Lane Change Ability in Flowing Traffic,
5. Ability to Use Steering,
6. Ability to Use Gears,
7. Ability to Park,
8. Back Maneuver Ability,
9. Instant Stopping Skills,
10. Vehicle Recognition Skills,
11. Reading Traffic Signs While Driving
12. Ability to use Navigation while driving,
13. Ability to Fill Accident Report,
14. Anger Control Management Skills,
15. Skill of traffic ethics,