Licensing Procedures for Foreign Nationals

Licensing Procedures for Foreign Nationals

Documents Required for Foreign Nationals
· 4 Photos
· Passport or residence permit
· Equivalency certificate for diploma or Certificate students belonging to the Provincial Directorate of National Education
· Health report (to be taken from the provincial borders)
· Criminal record

Required Documents For Foreigners
· 4 biyometrik photographs
· Passport or residence permit
· Diploma or students document
· Health certificate
· Criminal record

Converting Foreign Driver Documents to Our Country Driving License

Documents Required for Foreign Nationals
· Original of the driving license and Turkish translation of the notary public or consulate,
· Original and photocopy of identity card or passport, (Original and photocopy of residence permit for foreign nationals)
· 4 (four) biometric photographs
· Health Report by Class (Official or private health institutions within the province) (2 Years)
· Blood group certificate
· Mortgage receipt according to driving license (to be paid to Banks and Tax Office)

The right of foreign nationals to enter the exams with an interpreter

Foreign nationals and non-Turkish speakers from complementary education abroad, the course will provide training to the Republic of Turkey citizens of trainees is appointed by a sworn translator or national education directorate highly trained and a person permission governorship enough Located in terms of knowledge of foreign languages who speaks the language of higher education have seen and trainees. The interpreter enters theoretical and driving training courses with master trainers. The course subjects taught by the tutorials are translated by the interpreter to the trainee. Interpreters are assigned to the theoretical and driving training courses. If the fee is paid by the trainees, the interpreter is appointed in the examinations of the theoretical courses.

Important notes
· Before you prepare the necessary documents, you must apply to the Traffic Branch Office together with the original and translation of your foreign driving license to find out if your foreign driving license can be changed.
· IRAN, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN They can apply to the Traffic Branch Directorate by making an appointment with the relevant Consulates of citizens who have a driving license from these countries.
· Turkish citizens who have a driving license in Germany, returned to Germany to return back to our country received a driving license in Germany driving license with a condition that Turkey be given.