- e-exams are the measurement and evaluation methods used to measure the theoretical knowledge of the trainee on traffic and environmental information, vehicle technique knowledge, first aid information and traffic Etiquette.

· The e-exam will take you through the nearest date and time appointment system, which is available to you by the driving school.
· In the continuation of the process, e-Exam Entrance Document is organized by the driving school.
· When the date and time of the appointment are reached, exams are held at the e-test centers determined by the MEB.(Ministry of Education.)
· Trainees are entitled to 4 exams in total.
· A total of 50 questions are directed.
· The e-Exam application takes 45 minutes.
· Wrong answers don't lead to the correct answers.
· Candidates can get 70 points by correctly answering 35 questions and the first stage is considered to be past.
· The e-exam result document can be taken at the end of the exam.