Our journey started with a “Drop”

Our founder, who started her education in 2001 as a Training Specialist in the fields of Traffic and Environmental Knowledge and Driving Master Trainer;

- in 2014 Bayrampaşa Yıldırım District Branch, the first branch,
- In 2015, the second branch of the Gaziosmanpaşa Karadeniz Neighborhood Branch,
- In 2017, the third branch of Esenler Atışalanı Neighborhood Branch,
- In 2018, the fourth branch of Eyüp Sultan İslam Bey Neighborhood Branch,

has taken important steps in the name of branching.

Our team learned that the 17-year-long journey was not a measure by itself.

Together with the branching, the team strengthened its staff with its friendly, high-level education consultants, professional training specialists, friendly and meticulous support staff.

By establishing measurable and targetable systems in all processes, we have identified efficiency and usefulness as the main strategy.

During our 5 years of service in the sector, we successfully completed 4,155 students with our companions.

We are happy and proud.

Our journey continues as ”Ocean”

We would like to thank our friends and precious students.

Okyanus Driving Schools.

Fatma YILMAZ / Founder and manager